Patriots’ Philip Dorsett Gives Promising Health Update Ahead Of Game Vs. Jets

Phillip Dorsett plans to see some action Monday night and help the team defeat the New York Jets.

The wide receiver missed the game against the New York Giants due to a hamstring injury. He practiced Tuesday, and talked to media members after the practice. When asked if he expects to return to action against the Jets, Dorsett said, “I’ll be fine.”

Dorsett suffered his hamstring injury in the Patriots’ Week 4 game against the Washington Redskins. He had just four days to recover before the game against the Giants, and the Patriots decided to rest him. Dorsett was inactive for the second time he joined New England in 2017.

After playing four snaps in the last two weeks and having a weekend off after Thursday’s game, the receiver is more than thrilled to play some serious football.

“It was definitely good just to get a couple days of rest, but it feels even better to be back playing again,” Dorsett said. “… We’re so trained to be going every day to the point where if we get a day or two days off, it can be too long. Sometimes, it’s like, ‘I want to get back to playing football.’ Especially me — the week I missed, I just want to get to playing. So it definitely feels good to get back out there.”

Dorsett was able to catch 15 passes for 197 yards and three touchdowns this season as No.3 receiver for the Pats.

We don’t know if the Patriots will play Josh Gordon on Monday. He didn’t talk to media members after the practice, and left the game due to a hamstring injury.

Dorsett is really happy with his role this season.

“We’re happy that we got a win, it doesn’t matter how we got it,” he said after the Week 3 game. “That team is a really good team and they were 3-0 for a reason. They’re one of the best defenses in the league for a reason; they played excellent together, all in the right space at the right time and they knew how to play. I give all credit to the Bills.”

Running back Rex Burkhead, linebacker Dont’a Hightower and Patrick Chung practiced Tuesday.

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