Robert Kraft Prosecutors Fire Back In Sex Spa Case… ‘Judge Wrong To Block Video’

Patriots owner Robert Kraft found himself in a big problem when the prostitution scandal broke. Kraft was accused of soliciting other person to commit prostitution inside the Orchids of Asia spa in Florida, and prosecutors thought they could use the spa video to “kill” his reputation. They even offered plea deal, but Kraft turned it down.

Kraft won in May when the judge said that nobody can use the police surveillance video of him receiving service in the day spa. According to the judge, the police planted cameras inside the spa without protecting clients inside the spa getting their legal massage.

Prosecutors didn’t remain quiet, and they have fired back. They say the judge was dead wrong, demanding that this video is used in the process.

In the documents, they explain that police officers did things the right way, claiming that the investigation was legal and proper. They also noted that is police officers had made bigger movement to protect innocent clients, it would have “frustrated the objectives of the search.”

Prosecutors also added that of 39 massage recordings only 4 didn’t capture illegal activity. They are now asking the court to reverse this ruling. If this happens, the video of Kraft will go public.

“That the spa was regularly used as a brothel is confirmed by the small percentage of recorded massages that ultimately appeared lawful,” Deputy Solicitor General Jeffrey DeSousa wrote.

If “viewing the first five minutes of a massage was acceptable, it is hard to conceive why viewing the rest of the massage should be deemed constitutionally impermissible _ particularly when the evidence sought to be obtained was the so-called ‘happy ending’ that, by definition, takes place at the conclusion.”

“The fact that some totally innocent women and men had their entire lawful time spent in a massage room fully recorded and viewed intermittently by a detective-monitor is unacceptable,” Palm Beach County Judge Leonard Hanser wrote.

Things are getting really hot in Florida, but Kraft’s legal system won’t allow any mistake in this case. Releasing the video will result in mass humiliation, and we don’t want that. Let’s see what happens next.

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