Steph Curry Hopes To Play In The NBA For ‘Like another six years’

Golden State Warriors All-Star guard Stephen Curry will enter his 11th season in the NBA. However, he won’t retire in near future. The star player has a lot of work on the floor. If you ask him, Curry will have to say that he will lay at least 5-6 seasons.

“Being in the NBA, this is a very short period of my life — from 21 so hopefully I can play for like another six years,” Curry said. “And then you think about what you want to do the rest of your life. And we’re hopefully setting up the groundwork and the framework for success in this space and doing it our way … Really enjoying the ride and I’ve been fortunate to have a great team behind me that’s on this journey with me.”

Curry has already said that he would like to play in the NBA for 16 seasons. That’s the number of seasons that his father, Dell, played in the league. Dell played for the Utah Jazz, Cleveland Cavaliers. Charlotte Hornets, Milwaukee Bucks, and Toronto Raptors from 1986 to 2002. 

“When I came in the league, that’s the only thing I did say — I want to play 16 years just because my dad did,” Curry said back in 2017. “I’ve always had an appreciation of what that meant. But now — having done eight years and understanding the work that it takes and whatnot — playing eight more years somewhere near the level I’m playing now would be solid.”

Curry has three years remaining on the five-year, $201 million max contract that he signed with the Golden State in 2017. At that point, his contract was the biggest in NBA history. Curry plans to play longer than that, and yes, it’s more than obvious that he will play in the Golden State.

The Warriors lost the preseason opener against the Los Angeles Lakers. Of course, their roster is somehow weaker than last season. They don’t have Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala on the roster this season. But, Curry is optimistic about their success. He still hopes to see Iguodala back on the team.

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