Tom Brady Sends Love For Patriots Fans With Instagram After Win Over Redskins

The New England Patriots had a slow start of their Week 5 game against the Washington Redskins, but finished the game with a big win. It was really great to see all those fans showing love and support. Well, quarterback Tom Brady showed some love and support for his fans, too.

The quarterback had an excellent game, and he took to Instagram to say ‘thank you’ to pretty much everyone who made their way to the capital.

“Sunday Funday in DC with all my guys! Thank you for representin’ Pats Nation, we love you,” he wrote.

He also talked about it in the post-game press conference. Brady said, “It was ridiculous and pretty amazing. It felt like a home game. And right from the time that we got to the hotel yesterday afternoon, to run in after the game, it was pretty sweet. We appreciate all the support down here and it felt good to come down here and get a win in front of them.”

Josh Gordon was surprised to see all those people showing support.

“It was confusing. It felt like a home game, just like Foxborough [Ma]. To be honest, I’m just grateful to have that support, our fans traveling, maybe we got some Redskins fans. It was awesome though, I’m blessed.”

Head coach Bill Belichick is pretty used to this, but it definitely feels amazing to see the crowd.

Devin McCourty appreciates the support his team has been receiving. Unlike Buffalo, Washington offered a much better experience.

“It was awesome especially compared to last week going to Buffalo we weren’t greeted nicely and coming here today saw a lot of Patriots jerseys in the stadium. That’s always a plus when you come on the road and you get a lot of people traveling to support you, as a team we really appreciate that.”

The Patriots smashed the Redskins in the second half of the game. They are on to the New York Giants, and it will be a home game. It’s a big game for the Patriots nation, and they will flood the Gillette Stadium. Let’s go!

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