Tom Brady Shares Adorable Photo Of Gisele Kissing Her Cute Daughter Vivi

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady surprised fans with another photo of Gisele and Vivi. The little girl is in the center of all events, and fans look forward to catching up with all the fun things she does. Brady likes to share photos of his kids and wife, and this one is definitely the cutest things we have seen these days.

Gisele is one of the greatest supermodels, but she gave up on her modeling career to spend more time with her kids and help Brady build a strong career. The super-mom has enough time for her family, and she always finds time to share her story.

Her kids play an important role in her life.

“My kids have expanded my heart in so many ways. They have given my life new meaning,” she wrote in the caption of a photo she posted on Mother’s Day. “Thru them, I got to experience the deepest and purest love.

“Every day I learn so much with them and they inspire me to be the best that I can be,” she continued. “They are truly the most precious gifts! I am so grateful they chose me to be their mummy.”

Brady is well aware of this sacrifice, and he finds balance between his family and professional life.

“I try to keep that in mind because it reminds you to prioritize the things you love. We don’t live forever, so we need to make the most of our time,” the 42-year-old New England Patriots quarterback said.

“I love my family so much and I love what I do for a living so much [that] I never, ever want to take those things for granted and I really try to treasure every second.”

Brady has another son with his ex, and Gisele says Jack is her “bonus child.”

“I couldn’t imagine my life without [Jack]. I call him my bonus child,” the model told PEOPLE in Sept. 2018. “He opened my heart in ways I didn’t even know my heart could expand. I fell in love with him.”

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