Tom Brady Shares Lovely Pic With ‘Brady’s Ladies’ After Thursday Night Win

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has the strongest fanbase in the world. But, no fanbase is stronger than Brady’s ladies.

That’s right. The quarterback had his ladies supporting him during and after the game against the New York Giants. The quarterback shared a photo of himself, his mom Galynn, and his sisters Maureen and Nancy. The ladies were “in the house” for the big game at Gillette Stadium.

“Brady’s Ladies in the house last night! Just missing you Julie, Maya, Jordan, and @gisele! We all reviewed film together for 3 hours after this…”

Maya is a softball player at UCLA, and Brady says she is the “most athletic person in the family.”

“I think Maya is already the most athletic person of the family,” he told the Globe. “She’s just a great athlete, so competitive. And she’s been on such winning teams, and she’s such a great teammate. It’s so impressive.”

Brady is the youngest of his siblings and the only son in the family. He likes to share photos of his family mostly when they arrive at the stadium to watch him play.

Galynn is a strong woman. She goes through cancer therapy, but she feels great at the moment.

“I was raised by a great mom and dad who were very important in my life, still are, and I think they taught me some really great lessons when I was a kid,” he said during the send-off rally at Gillette Stadium. “My mom’s – I think some of you guys have met her – she’s probably the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my life. I get a lot from her. My dad is very loving, empathetic and I get a lot from him. My family, my sisters were very competitive growing up. I got a lot from them. And then just being a part of some really great teams, I learned a lot.”

The Patriots defeated the New York Giants at home, and they are off to a road game against the New York Jets. The defense plays really well, but the offense still struggles on the field. Let’s see what happens on Oct. 21.

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