Watch: LeBron James Spotted Partying At Dream Hotel With Epic Halloween Mask

Lakers superstar LeBron James evacuated his home because the wildfires came near their home. But, this didn’t stop the king of basketball from partying.

LeBron partied at the Dream Hotel on Tuesday night. When it comes to the mask, he went with “Luigi.”

Let’s not forget that LeBron and his family had a rough week. They were evacuated from the Brentwood home early morning. He was so grateful for the first responders who arrived at the spot.

“More than anything my appreciation and loyalty to the first responders, those guys — men and women — are unbelievable, what they’re doing and their bravery throughout this time,” LeBron said. “And any time you’re dealing with such a situation like that, they’re the reason why things can be a lot less worse than they possibly could be. So, it’s an amazing job what they do and their commitment with what’s going on right now.

“It definitely takes a lot of bravery, a lot of commitment, a lot of sacrifice in any job that you take, but when you’re at the risk of your life any time you’re called upon, it’s a different type of mind state that you have to be in. So it definitely doesn’t go without notice and without appreciation.”

The family went through a lot. They had to leave the home and change three hotels before arriving at a safe spot.

“We finally got out of the house after 2 o’clock and finally got somewhere to safety around 4 a.m. in the morning,” LeBron said after the Lakers’ shootaround Tuesday morning. “Didn’t get to sleep. We finally really got to sleep around like 6 a.m., 6:15. It just … it was crazy. It was crazy, to say the least. Three hotels were sold out and then the fourth one was able to get us in.

“Right now our area is still under the evacuation period so we’re in a hotel right now,” LeBron added. “So we’re just waiting until it can be cleared and we won’t return until they give us 100 percent approval of clearance for us to go back. Luckily our house is still standing as of now, but we’re not in the clear. But we’re just taking all precautionary measures as a family and as a community as well. Everyone in Brentwood and around that area are just hopefully staying clear of there for now.”

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