Watch: Tom Brady Connects With Edelman For 6-Yard TD

The Washington Redskins won’t give up without a fight. The team’s second possession was crowned with a 65-yard touchdown run by wide receiver Steven Sims. The New England Patriots trail for the first time in the regular season. The Patriots have been one of the league’s best tackling teams this season, but they struggled on several occasions to bring down Sims. Devin and Jason McCourty should have tried harder. Well, Tom Brady and Julian Edelman are here to fix the problem.

The Patriots fired back with a touchdown. Brady hit Ryan Izzo for 29 yards, Matt LaCosse for 22 yards and Sony Michel for 15 yards before reaching for Julian Edelman for a 6-yard score.

Izzo, LaCosse and Michel entered with two, two and zero receptions on the regular season.

“We’re winding down here,” Belichick said on Friday. “It’s good to see everybody on Friday. We’re getting close, got a few things to pull together here with some of the situational football. The Redskins do a good job on that. They have a pretty experienced coaching staff, a very experienced coaching staff, and a lot of veteran players so quite a few things to prepare for in those situations, but we’re working on them and need to be ready to go here Sunday at 1:00 p.m.”

When asked about the changes they have made to the roster, Belichick said, “It’s pretty infrequent, I would say, in the National Football League for teams not to be dealing with something every week. Might be a roster change, might be inactive players or the amount of time they can practice during the week and then you have to make the active-inactive decision closer to game time. It’s just part of the nature of the National Football League. I’d love to have the situation you described – no movement – it’s the same every week. Maybe that’ll happen. It has happened at times but probably more often than not there’s some level of flux, so we’ll just have to figure it out.”

The Patriots better win this game and keep that winning streak alive. The Redskins are too weak.

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