Watch: Tom Brady Throws Firebomb To Julian Edelman For A 14-Yard TD

Julian Edelman and Tom Brady are a match made in heaven. Edelman is Brady’s favorite target, and they’ve been playing together for a decade. Well, let’s just say they’re more like brothers.

The Patriots are playing Cleveland, and Brady connected with Edelman in two occasions. TB12 found Edelman for a 14-yard touchdown.

Right tackle Marcus Cannon helped make this score happen by locking up Myles Garrett in pass protection. This was actually Edelman’s second touchdown of the game.

Edelman receives less targets this season, but he is fine with that. The Patriots have a bunch of talented players on the roster, and Brady has multiple options. Well, Edelman is his favorite.

If you ask Edelman about his number of targets, he will give a positive answer. That’s his attitude.

“I think it is everyone buying into the process of improvement,” Edelman said, via “That is what September is about. It’s about going out and learning your team and improving your team through practice and games. When you have guys who are unselfish and really buy into that, the best stat is the win stat. That is what I am looking forward to and that is what I look forward to doing, is trying to play your best game on Sunday and collect wins.

“It was awesome. Anytime you go out and you get to compete with your team and get hit, that’s what you look forward to. That was then, and now we’re looking forward to the Pittsburgh Steelers and seeing what they’re gonna do. We did have a good amount of practice reps. You also take mental reps. Nothing comes easy, and any time you have to go out there and perform, you definitely have to had prepared well, and I think that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Things are getting really great for the Patriots. They are 24-10 at this point of the game, and this will probably be their eighth win for the season. Brady has great contribution to the game, and the same applies to almost every player on the roster. This is also Mohamed Sanu’s debut with the team.

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