Channing Frye Gives Perfect Explanation Why LeBron Is The GOAT

Who is the greatest basketball player of all time? LeBron James. No second thoughts. LeBron plays his best basketball this season, and he reminded everyone that he is the GOAT. Simple as that. Channing Frye says so.

King James joined the Los Angeles Lakers to win another title, but his plans failed. He was injured on Christmas, and that’s when the season ended for the Lakers. The younger teammates were talented, but they lacked a leader. LeBron was their leader, but he played in 55 games. The stats were good, but that wasn’t enough for the team to make the playoffs. LeBron missed the playoffs for the first time since 2005-06. He didn’t come to LA for that. He came to win. Winning isn’t easy when you have a groin strain.

But, he is still the GOAT. LeBron returned stronger than ever, and he is winning games. Anthony Davis is finally a Laker, and he contributes to the game. Big time.

Why do we have all these people saying that Kawhi Leonard is better than LeBron? Is Kobe Bryant better than the king? Or maybe Michael Jordan? So many names… Channing Frye says LeBron is the best.

Here’s why.

According to Frye, LeBron is ready to win again. He added that LeBron is ready to show everybody how good he is. King James makes his teammates better players, and he sets a really good example for the rest for the league. LeBron is ready to win a championship for the Lakers.

“He’s ready to win again. He’s ready to show everybody how good he is and how much better he makes his teammates,” Frye said. “LeBron’s setting an example early on. Not only for the rest of the league, but for his teammates that he’s ready to win a championship for the Lakers.”

Frye: The GOAT is off to another title

LeBron and the Lakers won six regular-season games. Winning a championship with the Lakers will prove that the superstar dominates the Western Conference. At 34.

It will be a long season, but the Lakers are already dominant. They lost the season-opener against the Los Angeles Clippers, but won six consecutive games. LeBron posts triple-doubles. He is making history. And though he still has a lot of games to play, we are more than positive about the outcome. The Lakers own this season.

The only problem they may have is an injury. Let’s hope that they won’t go through the same scenario as last year.

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