Steve Kerr Addresses ‘Kevin Durant Jealous Of LeBron’ Narrative

Kevin Durant didn’t discuss his decision to leave the Golden State Warriors at the beginning. He did that after a while, and some people got offended. Is Warriors head coach Steve Kerr one of them? Stephen Curry felt bad for his teammate because he really liked their time together. Durant didn’t feel the same way. He felt bad in the Golden State, and didn’t think twice before spitting it out. What about all those who say that Durant was jealous of LeBron James?

We’ve heard so many stories about Durant and his decision to leave the Golden State. We learned more and more about his experience with the Warriors.

Durant was jealous?!

Kerr is a guest on Bill Simmons’ “The Book of Basketball 2.0” podcast, and talked about this and many other topics.

Simmons said that Durant didn’t get the reaction he expected following his win over LeBron James. He thought that people would say that he is better than LeBron. Well, fans said that nothing will change their support for LeBron. It was easily notable in Durant’s interviews. He couldn’t do anything else. It was the best he could do. Defeat LeBron. Unfortunately, fans didn’t really praise him, and Durant was sort of disappointed.

“My theory — I’m not sure if I’m right — but I think he thought when he won the title that first year … and he really outdueled LeBron — I think leaving that series, people were like, ‘Wow, that guy was just better than LeBron in a Finals,’ — and he thought that was gonna be it: ‘KD made the right move.’ And instead people were like, ‘F–k that guy, we’re still not giving it to you,’” Simmons said. “And I could feel it in him in the interviews, this kind of, ‘What else do I have to do? I just went toe-to-toe with LeBron James and I won. What else do I have to do?'”

According to Kerr, Durant was restless. That’s why the Warriors signed him. That’s why they lost him. Kerr noticed that Durant changed his attitude during his second year with the Warriors. He started getting restless. The head coach said that Durant didn’t find what he was searching for.

Was Durant really jealous?

It started really well, but everything changed. Kerr felt as if Durant is slipping away. Durant felt like he dominated the NBA, but didn’t get a recognition for that. He was better than LeBron in the Finals, and people didn’t appreciate him for that. Nobody recognized Durant for his achievement, and he was really frustrated. Kerr noticed that during their conversations.

“You nailed it,” Kerr said. “The same reason we got Kevin in the first place was the reason we lost him — he was restless. His first year with us, he was a sponge and he would ask questions constantly. It’s a very different style of play and he was playing with different players. I think he embraced it and he enjoyed it.

“The following year, I felt like Kevin started to drift. My feeling was he started to get restless, like, ‘This is all there is? We won the title last year, we’re rolling again this year, but whatever it is I’m searching for, I’m still not finding it.’ We had a really good thing and then you could just feel it start to slip. And I don’t know if it was what you mentioned — Kevin felt like he was now the King of the NBA, but nobody was recognizing him for that. He dominated LeBron in those Finals.”

Simmons went on mentioning his conversations with Durant in March 2018.

Two days after the Warriors’ victory in 2017, Kerr appeared on the “Lowe Post” podcast with Zach Lowe, and said that LeBron is the best player in the NBA. He then mentioned that Durant is there with him. Well, we believe that Durant didn’t like it.

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