Avery Bradley Aims To Make Life Easier on LeBron James And Anthony Davis

Avery Bradley struggled to make an impact with the Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Clippers. He is a Laker now, and it looks like playing alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis helps him return to shape.

In six games with the Lakers, Bradley averages career-high 51.9 percent shooting from the field and the team allows 98.9 points per 100 possessions in the 27.8 minutes per game Bradley has on the floor. This is the guard’s career-best defensive rating. It may be a small improvement, but everything Bradley does is sustainable because he has a really simple role. The Lakers asked him to help Davis and LeBron. That’s exactly what he does.

Yes, you may say that this isn’t something big, but Bradley has to do this if he wants good minutes. The same applies to the rest of the team. Well, Bradley doesn’t have an issue with that.

After his 16-point impact against the San Antonio Spurs, Bradley said his mindset going into every match is to do the impossible to help Davis and LeBron.

The role of Avery Bradley

Yes, Bradley is just playing basketball, and his role includes competing on the defensive end every night. He is doing that throughout the game, and likes his role with the team. Bradley is well aware of the fact that the Lakers have two of the best players in the game and his job is to make sure he is doing his job every night for the ultimate duo. That’s his mindset, and Bradley is ready to shoot to make their job a lot easier when they create opportunities. Defending the best player? Of course. Taking the challenge? Yes, please.

“I’m just playing basketball,” Bradley said. “But I know one role I have for sure is out there competing on the defensive end every night, and I’m going to do that the entire game. That’s my role on this team. We’ve got two of the best players in the game in LeBron [James] and A.D., and it’s my job to make sure I’m doing my job every night for those guys. And that’s my mind-set, being ready to shoot to make their job easier when they pass for opportunities and defending the best guy or whoever is going every single night and taking that challenge.”

Bradley’s 3-ball doesn’t fall at a high rate (35.3), the three-man lineup of Bradley, LeBron and Davis outscores opponents by 17.1 points per 100 possessions this season. It’s too early to make comments, but head coach Frank Vogel doesn’t ask Bradley to do too much. All he has to do is stay within his role. We do believe that he will continue to be productive.

Bradley missed the game against the Chicago Bulls due to a bruised lower right leg, but he will play on Friday against the Miami Heat.

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