Anthony Davis Gives His Take About Considering Signing With The Bulls

Anthony Davis is in his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers. The front office tried really hard to sign Davis, because the New Orleans Pelicans didn’t want to give up on him. Davis was traded to the team this offseason, and he plays his best basketball. The Lakers lead the Western Conference with a 6-1 record. Davis is dominant on the floor, and he averages 28.5 points, 11.5 rebounds, three blocks, 2.7 assists and one steal per game. He really looks like an early MVP candidate. What about the Chicago Bulls?

This season started really well for the Lakers. We would be really surprised to see Davis sign with a different team. He requested a trade last season to the Lakers. He is set to become a free agent this summer. On Monday, while in Chicago for the game, Davis appeared for members of his Alma mater, Perspectives Charter School, at a local restaurant. He left the door open when asked about the possibility to play for his hometown team in near future.

Davis said there’s nothing like playing at home. He doesn’t really provide a lot of information about his future plans. Yes, he is a free agent next year, and there’s a possibility.

“I never said I’d consider anything,” Davis said. “I said that I’m focused on a championship with the Lakers, and of course everyone knows I’ll be a free agent next year and I said we’ll see where it goes.”

This put Lakers fans into panic mode. On Tuesday morning, the player made it clear that his comments doesn’t mean that he considers playing for the Bulls next year.

The Bulls are an option

This didn’t really soothe Lakers fans. The team traded away all of the young players to sign Davis. He made similar comments in the offseason, and signed with the Lakers.

Davis has played less than 10 games wearing a Lakers uniform. We don’t really have a reason to believe that he will leave LeBron James and his current teammates.

One thing stands for sure. He may sign everywhere, including Chicago. But, that’s fine. The only thing that’s important at this point is to see Davis help the team win a championship. That’s really important for the team.

The Lakers will keep playing at this pace. We are looking forward to see them win another game. Game on, Lakers!


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