Colin Cowherd Perfectly Sums Up Patriots Win Over Cowboys In Three Words

The Dallas Cowboys lost the game at Gillette Stadium, and wide receiver Julian Edelman says we should reassess the “America’s Team” nickname. In his pregame hype video, Edelman declared his team as “The New America’s Team” prior to the game against Dallas. The reigning Super Bowl champions backed up the receiver’s claim, defeating Dak Prescott and Co. and advancing to 10-1 on the regular season. Colin Cowherd approved Edelman’s proclamation while doing his “3-Word Game” to recap the match.

“The Herd” host said the Patriots are America’s new team. According to him, the Week 12 game was the most watched regular-season game since 1996. Dallas lost six straight to head coach Bill Belichick and his team. The Cowboys didn’t score a touchdown, and the Patriots won the game. Quarterback Tom Brady didn’t play his best football and he threw only 17 of 37 for 190 yards. Well, let’s not forget that the Patriots played in bad weather. Mohamed Sanu was out and so was Phillip Dorsett.

How will Jerry Jones accept this?

The New England Patriots are playing the Houston Texans on Sunday. It’s a tough team, but the Patriots always prepare as they are playing for a title.

Colin Cowherd is right

New England is 10-1 at this point of the regular season, and the Patriots still struggle with their offense. TB12 can no longer hide his frustrations with the offensive struggles. The Patriots have high expectations from every player, and these struggles don’t really make the quarterback happy.

It’s more than obvious that each player tries to improve during practice, but the offense doesn’t seem to make a step forward. Head coach Bill Belichick had words of praise for his team and their team work despite all the struggles.

Hopefully, the Patriots will defeat the Texans. Sunday is a big day for the Patriots nation. We will wait for the final injury report, and we do hope that the list won’t feature new names. Mohamed Sanu better get better, and the same applies to Dorsett. His concussion has to be cleared. Brady needs to stay healthy, too. The game depends on his skills and excellence.

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