Colin Cowherd Sums Up Patriots’ First Loss In Three Words

The New England Patriots were defeated by the Baltimore Ravens. Ravens’ second-year signal-caller Lamar Jackson was too fast for the team. Quarterback Tom Brady and his team couldn’t stop Jackson from scoring three touchdowns on Sunday night. The 37-20 loss to Baltimore was the worst scenario New England could hope for, but it happened. New England received the first blow this season, and it came from Jackson and his team. The Ravens offense was too strong for the Patriots. They made a few mistakes at M&T Bank Stadium. It was more than obvious that Brady and his team lost the grip. Colin Cowherd summed it up perfectly.

“The Herd” host praised Jackson for his impeccable work on the field. Colin Cowherd tipped his cap in his weekly “3-Word Game,” praising Jackson’s dynamic. He must have worked really hard to get this far.

“Patriots-Ravens: Lights, camera, Jackson,” he said.

Colin Cowherd tells a story

The second-year signal-caller is 11-1 when he faces NFL teams for the first time. Cowherd finds the team fascinating, and is really amazed with their tight ends. He also said that the NFC is better than the AFC. You don’t see things like this in the NFC. In the NFC, the signal-callers sit in the pocket and throw the ball around. In the AFC, players confront Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson. If Cowherd was a defensive coordinator, he’d rather face other players.

The Patriots have the power to adjust the game, and not every NFL team is able to do so. This is an attribute we’ve been witnessing for quite some time. Things went really smooth in the Brady-Belichick era. If the Patriots meet the Ravens in January, imagine the game New England would pull on the field. Bill Belichick doesn’t make the same mistake twice, and he will get his team ready for whatever challenge Jackson throws at them.

Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi said this loss is actually a good lesson for the Patriots. They better use it in the long run. Hopefully, we will see a better prepared team in the next game. Brady will confront a bunch of strong teams after bye week.

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