Danny Green Slams Rare Dunk Against Hawks, Immediately Got Drug Tested By NBA

The Los Angeles Lakers added Danny Green in the offseason, and fans praised their move to add him because of his versatility on defense. Green has strong 3-point shooting and championship experience. Nobody talked about Green’s ability to dunk, and it seems like this happened for a good reason. Green isn’t known as one of the NBA’s high-flyers.

During Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Hawks, Green proved he can still get up when he is required to. In the second quarter, LeBron James had a 3-pointer from the wing that didn’t go in, but bounced straight up in the air. Green flew in for an emphatic put-back slam that caused chaos. Announcers, fans and the Lakers bench went crazy.

Danny Green is tested for drugs

It was a great slam, but fans didn’t really hope to see it from Green. Nobody is used to seeing dunks from Green. He is usually below the ream, and this was actually his first dunk of the season and his career-high for a season as just 10—it was a mark he set back in 2013. Well, it turns out that the league couldn’t believe it either. Green was called for a drug test right after the game. “Catch one dunk and get drug tested,” he tweeted. Well, that was quite a surprise.

NBA drug tests are usually random, so this was a cool coincidence. Well, it would be definitely hilarious if the NBA had a task force to assign random drug tests to players who make plays no one expects out of them. Green soaring for a slam? Definitely a drug test. Isaiah Thomas getting up for a huge block? It’s definitely a drug test. Ben Simmons shooting a 3-pointer? Give him a drug test. Well, we are more than surprised to see this but it may be definitely a coincidence.

The Lakers are doing really well at this point of the season, and they keep winning games. It will be a big season for the Lakers, and that’s why they signed LeBron James and Anthony Davis. They are definitely going in for a title. This is a good development for the team.

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