Former NFL Star Gives Conspiracy Theory Involving Tom Brady, Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown decided to apologize to Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and Tom Brady approved this move. Brady joined many other Patriots who liked Brown’s post, and fans have started talking about their friendship. Is Brady actually lobbying for the troubled receiver?

Some fans want to know whether the Patriots quarterback reached out to his former teammate before the latter’s apology. Maybe Brady was just trying to give him a hand. Former NFL linebacker LaVar Arrington talked about the potential conspiracy theory on FS1’s “Speak For Yourself.”

According to the three-time Pro Bowl selection, Brown wrote sent that tweet out because Brady asked him to. Arrington even said that TB12 is trying to direct getting Brown back in the Patriots’ organization. He is more than convinced that the whole story doesn’t end with Brady’s like on Instagram. He suggests there’s much more than that. If you ask him, he will say that Brady is trying to get Brown back in the locker room.

It wasn’t genuine yet it was put out there and liked by multiple players, none bigger than the name of one Tom Brady,” Arrington explained. “Let’s add on to this: Baltimore thrashed (the Patriots), showed them that they did not have enough talent. There’s a possibility he could be able to play, there’s a possibility he could be ruled out, but yet we saw a dejected Tom Brady after a victory because he didn’t have what he wanted, right? I’m sitting here conspiracy theory. Here’s the sizzle in your spirit type deal: Tom Brady told him to send that tweet out. Tom Brady is trying to direct getting AB back in the mitts of that New England Patriots organization.

“There’s something here,” Arrington added. “Tom Brady is lobbying to get AB back on his team.”

The Conspiracy Theory

The situation is really complicated, and Brady’s lobbying may not be enough to earn Brown another deal. The Patriots decided to cut him, and then he trashed Kraft. That’s not the only issue at the moment. The troubled receiver has to clear up his reputation. Brown is accused of sexual assault and rape, and his NFL career may be over.

Well, bringing Brown back would be of great help for the Patriots need help offensively. New England’s offense has been struggling a lot, and Brady can no longer hide his frustration. Brady and Brown played really well together, and their connection was almost instant. The troubled receiver was able to catch four passes for 56 yards and a touchdown in his only game with Brady’s team. It was the Week 2 win over the Miami Dolphins.

Is Arrington right about Brady’s alleged lobbying? This theory sure attracted our attention, and it makes sense. But, Brown is a walking trouble, and his situation has yet to be cleared. The NFL conducted an investigation into the accusations against him. Let’s see what happens next with Brown and his New England story.

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