Gronk Answers Question Whether Tom Brady Can Convince Him To Come Out Of Retirement

Rob Gronkowski announced his decision to retire in March. Head coach Bill Belichick sort of pushed him to make a decision. Gronk needed a lot of time to decide whether he wants to be retired or not. After long thinking hours and deep analysis, Gronk opted for a retirement. Of course, this decision was followed by a huge speculation about Gronk’s return, and the Patriots nation was convinced that the tight end will join his team. Well, Gronk left the door open after all. He didn’t forget to mention that he was in pain last season.

Truth is, Gronkowski may return to the field if the Patriots are too desperate to ask him to come back and quarterback Tom Brady will have to convince the tight end. Gronk’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, talked about these conditions during the interview he had right after Gronk’s official decision.

It’s been eight months now, and Patriots fans still talk about these comments. Yes, we have to admit that New England struggles on the field despite their 10-1 record. It’s not like the team struggles to win. The defense is excellent, but the offense struggles a lot. The Patriots offense had a lot of troubles this year, and Brady didn’t even try to hide his frustration with the current situation in the team.

Rosenhaus talked about this particular situation during his interview. So, will Brady be able to bring Gronk back?

The tight end talked about this possibility during the FOX NFL pregame show on Sunday. He said he would tell Brady that he loves him.

“I would tell him I love the guy, which I do,” Gronk said of a potential call with Brady. “He set an example for me throughout my whole career, and there’s many life lessons that, not just Tom, but the whole organization has taught me to bring to the next level.”

Gronk: The retirement decision is final

And then, he answered the question. No, he isn’t coming back. This doesn’t change the fact that Gronk appreciates everything Brady has done for him. In other words, not even the GOAT can talk Gronk out of retirement.

“No, no, I’m just saying,” Gronk said. “No, I’m not [coming back], but I’m saying I appreciate everything he’s done, and how he has helped me out to where I am now, but no, I’m not going back.”

We are convinced that this will be one of the final Gronk-related stories for the season. The deadline for his return is already here. Gronk has to make a decision by Nov. 30. According to us, he has already made a decision. Too bad that the Patriots can’t use his power to win the Super Bowl.

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