Gronk Trolls Cowboys During Dallas’ Showdown With Patriots

The New England Patriots are taking on the Dallas Cowboys, and the weather is far from nice. The game started off with a heavy rain, and the temperature was right in the high 30s. Oh, and let’s not forget about the strong wind. Pretty much every player prefers playing in warm weather. Gronk is here to spice things up. No, he isn’t playing, but his presence is felt.

The former tight end said the Patriots are better equipped to handle the harsh weather than the Cowboys.

Gronkowski has already been playing in similar weather conditions. He was a tight end for nine seasons, and knows pretty much anything about playing in tough conditions.

Gronk went on Fox, and said the Patriots are much better because they practice in any conditions, regardless of whether it’s snow, 100 degrees or 4 degrees. The retired tight end also said that head coach Bill Belichick would make players go out on the practice field and they used to show up during blizzards at 7 a.m. And then Gronk did his Jerry Jones thing just to troll the Dallas Cowboys.

“When there’s weather conditions like this, good defenses need to become great, and let me tell you, it’s advantage Patriots any time there’s weather,” Gronkowski said on FOX. “You want to know why? The Patriots practice in any conditions. If it’s rain, if it’s snow, if it’s 100 degrees, if it’s four degrees, it does not matter. Coach (Bill) Belichick is making you go out on that practice field and he’s making you show up on time even if there’s a blizzard at 7 a.m. And let me tell you this: If there’s a little rain in Dallas, a little snow in Dallas, Jerry Jones comes down and says, ‘Do you guys want to practice in the bubble today?’ That’s why it’s advantage Patriots…”

The Patriots miss Gronk

Hopefully, this will add more motivation to his former team. The New England Patriots are leading this game, but they struggle on the field. Things don’t look great for the players, and it has nothing to do with the weather. Dallas is a tough opponent, and the Patriots will try to their best to defeat them.

Week 12 is important, and New England may add another win. They have lost just one game in the regular season, and some analysts said that the Patriots may easily lose this one, too. Well, we’ll have to wait before jumping into conclusions. One thing stands for sure, Rob Gronkowski is here to support his team and troll their opponents.

New England owns the league at the moment, and they are off to another Super Bowl win. Head coach Belichick is trying to prepare his players for the second half of the season, because it’s the most important time for every team. Will the Patriots win the Super Bowl again?

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