Julian Edelman Gives His Take On New WR Mohamed Sanu

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady did a really good job to push for the signing of veteran wide receiver Mohamed Sanu. Well, that’s what the initial report suggested. The quarterback pushed the team to sign Sanu, and receiver Julian Edelman raves about his new teammate.

The receiver arrived at the right time. He is really productive, and has already gained Brady’s trust. I mean, it’s really hard to get TB12 looking in your direction. Sanu has played two games with the team, and Brady already likes him. TB12 routinely looked in Sanu’s direction, and the receiver had 10 catches for 81 yards and a touchdown in his second game with New England.

The newly acquired receiver is an excellent fit on the field, and he is also an excellent mentor. We’ve already noticed that Sanu has taken N’Keal Harry under his wind. The rookie is back with the team, and Sanu will use his knowledge to teach him right.

Mohamed Sanu is a tough mentor

During his appearance on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show,” Edelman talked about Sanu’s mentorship and praised his new teammate.

Yes, if you ask Edelman, he will say that “MoMo” is an unbelievable teammate. Edelman didn’t know about his mentoring, but he wasn’t even surprised to hear that. It’s more than obvious that Sanu would be interested in mentoring his teammates, including rookies who need some help to fit in.

Sanu has spent a lot of time in the league, and he has great experience. Edelman is really happy to have Sanu on the field, mostly because he did some really cool things on the field. It’s good to have the receiver, and Edelman praised him as a playmaker.

The New England Patriots are having their bye week, and the Philadelphia Eagles are next on their list. The Patriots will play them in Week 11.

New England lost the game to the Baltimore Ravens, and it was a game full of mistakes. Everyone made a mistake, including coaches. Let’s hope that they won’t make the same mistake twice. The Eagles are tough, and New England will need all the talent on their roster to win the game.

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