LeBron James Reacts On Kyle Kuzma’s Performance Vs. Suns

The Los Angeles Lakers had their eighth win for the season. The Phoenix Suns had zero chance against LeBron James and the Lakers. It was a big win for the team, and several players had better performance than others. Kyle Kuzma is one of those.

Kuzma made big shots early and late in the game. According to many experts, this was a breakout game for Kuzma. He returned to the Lakers lineup two weeks ago. Head coach Frank Vogel considered him healthy enough to play in the game.

The young Laker scored 23 points, and a couple of personal runs that kept the Lakers close early and helped the tam pull away late. This performance actually increased our hope that Kuzma will actually be the third best player on the roster. Following the big win, LeBron welcomed back his younger teammate on Instagram.

LeBron James likes his younger teammate

Before Tuesday’s game, Kuzma had double-digits twice in his first five games. Despite his impeccable game last night, Kuzma is still shooting 24% from the 3-point line. Last game he did a good job of rolling hard to the rim and running the floor to get easy buckets, before pulling out two 3-pointers to seal the win.

Anthony Davis is expected to be out of the game on Wednesday due to the injuries he’s dealing it, Vogel will need Kuzma to score again as they play the Golden State Warriors.

LeBron is really supportive of Kuzma, and he knew that his younger teammate can pull such an incredible game. According to LeBron, Kuzma is patient and can take every shot that arrives in his arms. It was actually a matter of time, and Kuzma’s great game came at the right time.

The Los Angeles Lakers are 8-2 at this point of the season. They have an incredible base for the season, and yes, they dominate the Western Conference. Unlike last year, the Lakers are playing really good, and they are ready to play even better. Vogel is doing a good job, and his players are actually playing their best game ever. It’s a big season for everybody, including the king.

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