LeBron James Reacts On Reaching Consecutive Triple-Doubles

Lakers superstar LeBron James is trying to remind everyone that he is the greatest basketball player of all times. They’ve been winning games thanks to LeBron’s great physical condition. LeBron had a terrible debut season with the team due to a groin injury. He was restricted to 55 games in 2018-19 season, and the Lakers missed the playoffs for the sixth consecutive season. Well, LeBron is at his best, and he is reaching triple-doubles.

The only game the Lakers lost was the season opener against the Clippers. They have a five-game winning streak, and LeBron won’t stop now. LeBron scored 21 points, 13 assists and 11 rebounds for back-to-back triple-doubles as his team defeated the San Antonio Spurs 103-96 on Sunday. It was a great game for the team.

LeBron became the first Lakers player with consecutive triple-doubles since 2006.

“I’m playing injury free. I’m not injured. My quick twitch is back. My speed is back, my strength is back. Playing with a torn groin last year – even when I came back it was still partially torn – it was difficult to be able to move and shift like I’m capable of doing that defensively.

“For me, I just take the challenge. I love being challenged. Head coach [Frank Vogel] challenged me, AD [Anthony Davis] challenged me, I challenged myself. I put a lot of hard work into my offseason by getting my quick twitch, getting my bounce back, getting my speed back, my reaction time back. My mind has always been there. That’s what it’s all about.”

Keep the triple-doubles coming

The king was excellent against the Spurs in San Antonio, and head coach Frank Vogel said, “Well it’s contagious, and his commitment on that end of the floor has been a great surprise for us in terms of just how proficient he’s been.

He’s leading the charge with care factor on that end of the floor. When he’s working that hard and caring that much about getting stops, it carries over to everybody else, and you see it on the floor.”

The Lakers are off to another win, and LeBron is ready for that.

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