LeBron James Reacts To D’Angelo Russell’s IG Photo Of Dunk On LeBron

Some moments need to be caught on camera, because people won’t believe you at all. D’Angelo Russell tried to play a little game, and he took to his Instagram account to share a photo of him dunking on Lakers superstar LeBron James. It was a great moment for Russell, but this innocent photo was sort of unreal. The story behind it was unreal. The king of basketball couldn’t ignore this, and LeBron’s former teammate and retired star Dwyane Wade reacted, too. We saw Kyle Kuzma in the comments section, too.

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What this look like?

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Russell tried to have some fun, but his joke didn’t go unnoticed, and he received the reaction he was looking for. Sort of. Let’s be honest. That’s not how the dunk happened. Russell didn’t posterize the Lakers superstar at all, it was a dunk that was right near him.

This was nothing but false advertising, and LeBron had to clear things up.

Pretty much everyone had fun writing comments in the comment section. Of course, Russell didn’t post the photo to wage a war against the king. Well, we sure had fun reading all the comments. We will remember this for weeks and even months.

D’Angelo can’t be serious with this photo

When it comes to Russell, he better remember this photo, because there is no guarantee about how things will develop in their next game. We do know that the king will be looking for some revenge.

The king is hungry for a title. He won’t let this season end without making the playoffs. Los Angeles missed the chance win a title in his debut season with the Lakers. However, that’s about to change, because LeBron has Anthony Davis by his side. Kuzma is also ready to become the third best player on the roster. That’s pretty much it for the season. The Lakers are winning.

The Lakers will do their best to win a title this season. They haven’t won one since Kobe Bryant retired. LeBron came to town to win a championship. He will make up for the terrible debut with the team. It looks like they are on a good way to win the big game.

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