LeBron Reveals The Secret Why He’s So Good At Age 35

Lakers superstar LeBron James plays his best basketball this season. His incredible performance has reached its peak despite the fact that he was limited to 55 games last season. Well, LeBron is 35, and he is better than ever. LeBron averages 26 points, 8.3 rebounds, and a career-high assists per game on 48 percent shooting. The king leads the Lakers to the very top of the standings. LA has a 7-1 record at the moment, and yes, they have won seven games in a row. What’s his secret? At this age?

During a post-game convo following the Lakers win over the Miami Heat, LeBron revealed his secret to dominate the floor at this age.

Aging was never a problem for the king. It’s all about his wine. That’s what makes LeBron this successful. It ages well. This is a joke, of course.

Let’s get straight to the matter. Seriously. We all know his secret. It’s no longer a secret. LeBron invests millions in his body to maintain it in excellent shape and boost his performance. It takes hours of conditioning and strengthening himself in the season. This helped him prevent major injuries throughout his professional career. He still has an impressive production on the floor, and that’s the only thing that matters.

Age is just a number

LeBron would do the impossible to postpone Father Time. We don’t really know how long he will be able to do this, but he is doing a really good job. He still has enough time and great skills to defeat other NBA teams. Will LeBron retire in near future? Of course not. That’s not even an option.

Last season was a complete failure for the GOAT, and suffering a groin injury on Christmas Day was never planned. But, he had to stay on the sidelines and hope for the best.

The Lakers missed the playoffs at the very same moment the king was injured. The young players couldn’t take the team to the playoffs. They missed the playoffs and weren’t even considered contenders. Things are a lot different this season, and hopefully, LA will make the playoffs and the finals.

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