New Aaron Hernandez Book Links Ex-Patriots Star To Fourth Murder

Aaron Hernandez will be remembered as the former Patriots tight end who was convicted of a murder.

But, it appears that the story goes a lot deeper than that. The former Patriot bragged to his former cellmate that he was complicit in four murders as noted by investigative journalist Dylan Howard.

Howard wrote about this in his new book “Aaron Hernandez’s Killing Fields.”

In 2015, Massachusetts juries convicted Hernandez of killing Odin Lloyd and acquitted him in 2017 of killing Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado. Unfortunately, Hernandez may be responsible for the death of another person. That makes four victims.

Kyle Kennedy, the prison mate, told Howard that the tight end had four murders. According to him, Hernandez would joke around and brag that he has four bodies.

ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio cited Howard’s book, and named the fourth victim. Florio also revealed the tragic circumstances that led to the death of the person.

The fourth murder

Howard wrote that the former Patriot dispatched a group of men to locate and kill Lloyd in June 2013. This happened a week after Lloyd was killed by the Patriot and the other men. The group probably killed Jordan Miller because they thought he was Lloyd. Muller and Lloyd looked similar and thrived in the same circles.

Hernandez got a life sentence with zero possibility of parole. He committed suicide in 2017, right after his acquittal on charges of murdering Abreu and Furtado.

The troubled player’s estate in June settled a wrongful-death lawsuit the families of Abrieu and Furtado filed against him. In 2018, Lloyd’s mom settled a wrongful-death lawsuit she filed against Hernandez’s estate.

This throws a big shade over Hernandez and his life. His arrest for the killing of Lloyd first exposed his double life. The New England Patriots released Hernandez who was convicted of murdering Lloyd.

Hernandez killed Abreu and Furtado in a drive-by shooting that was triggered by one of the men hitting into Hernandez in a bar, and spilling his drink. A jury acquitted the player of the 2012 double murder in April 2017. He committed suicide in his cell two days later.

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