NFL Executive Issues Warning About Tom Brady, Pats’ Struggling Offense

The New England Patriots struggle with their offensive players this season. Things don’t look really good for the Patriots quarterback and his offense. Pretty much everyone noticed it, and Tom Brady can no longer hide his frustrations. Brady says that every player on the roster tries to improve, but it looks like the offense hasn’t moved a bit. A NFL executive has issued a warning.

The Patriots’ defense performs at highest level, regardless of your ways of perception. TB12 and Co. have shown great ability to make clutch plays late in games when the pressure hits. We wouldn’t really write off the Patriots’ offense despite their issues on the field. Hopefully, they will improve significantly.

One NFL executive put things into great perspective, and issued a warning when discussing the issue with The Athletic’s Mike Sando. The convo happened following the Patriots’ 13-9 win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday at Gillette Stadium,

According to the exec, teams need to find a weakness in teams and then sell them to players. The executive also said that teams shouldn’t be fooled about the Patriots, because some coaches tell their players that Brady isn’t what he used to be. His stats are perfect, and Brady doesn’t even think of stopping now.

Teams shouldn’t be fooled. Yes, it’s true that Brady has a few missed throws, and the Patriots had some issues with their weapons. Their offense isn’t as explosive as it used to be, but nothing changes the fact that Brady is deadly in two-minute of either half, four-minute and select times when players can really move the football.

“What you do all week in this league is you try to find weaknesses and then try to sell them to your players,” the executive told Sando. “You’d better not tell them you are going to go in there and kick Brady’s ass because he’s not what he used to be, his stats are down and the film shows him going down in a heap, pulling a string on the ball and sending it into the dirt.

“Don’t be fooled. This guy’s got a couple missed throws and they have had some issues weapons-wise where they are not quite as explosive, but this guy is completely deadly in two-minute of either half, four-minute and select times when they can really move the ball.”

The Patriots quarterback has completed 17 of 37 passes for 190 yards and a touchdown. Dallas has more total yards than New England, whose only touchdown came after a blocked punt in the first quarter that set up the Patriots at the Dallas’ 12-yard line.

NFL teams shouldn’t rule out Brady, because he still has a lot to offer.

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