Patriots’ Devin McCourty Gives High Praise To N’Keal Harry By What He’s Seen At Practice

Patriots have problems with their offense. In the first eight games of the regular season, the offense made a lot of mistakes. Unlike the excellent defense, the offense struggled on the field. When it comes to the defense, New England has the strongest defense in the NFL. There were a lot of injuries in the wide receiver unit, but this squad will soon get some help. That’s what Devin McCourty said.

Rookie wideout N’Keal Harry was a first-round pick for the Patriots in the 2019 NFL Draft. Harry was activated from injured reserve last week and may join the team in Week 11. According to this, Harry will have his debut in the game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Harry will have to work extra hard to catch up on. He missed the first nine games of the regular season due to an injury. The Patriots safety doesn’t have any problem with that. He’s been observing Harry on the practice field, and is really amazed with his work. In an interview with WEEI’s “Dale & Keefe,” McCourty talked about the rookie and his ability to go after the defensive backs.

The safety explained that Harry keeps getting better, adding that Harry plays really hard in practice. McCourty understands the challenge Harry received at the very same moment he signed with the Pats. He is a young player and a rookie who missed a lot of time. Harry will have to do a lot more than the other guys to earn his spot on the field. Harry gets his work done, and McCourty respects that.

Devin McCourty respects Harry’s effort

“I just think he continues to get better,” McCourty said. “I think one of the things he does a really good job of is playing hard in practice. He, at times, he – off the (defensive backs) because he works his butt off, out there blocking, out there getting open. I think that’s the good thing about seeing him out there running around.

“It’s hard. When you’re a young guy and you’re a rookie and you miss that much time, you just come out there and it’s everything in your game you have to work on. I think as an older guy, that’s been exciting to see him there every day after practice just getting work in. He’s doing his best to try and get back out there.”

Adding the rookie to the squad will open a lot of opportunities for the Pats. He is a tough guy who makes tough catches in traffic. The Patriots better use this dynamic, because Josh Gordon is no longer on the team.

In some of the games, the Patriots really lacked depth at wide receiver. If Harry stays healthy and Mohamed Sanu keeps doing his best, the Patriots’ offense may improve significantly. This will be of great importance for the upcoming games. It’s a tough schedule for New England.

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