Patriots Set Great NFL Record With A Victory Over Cowboys

The New England Patriots are the best team in the National Football League. They played the Dallas Cowboys at Gillette Stadium, and the rain-soaked 13-6 win was actually enough for the team to make another NFL Record.

The victory over Dallas pushed the Patriots to a 10-1 record on the regular season. This is actually the 17th consecutive season in which New England has won at least 10 games. New England has won at least 10 games since 2003 after going 9-7 in 2002.

This win makes the Patriots a better team than the San Francisco 49ers who won at least 10 games in year for 16 straight seasons from 1983-98. The Indianapolis Colts are third with nine seasons, from 2002 to 2010.

1. New England, 2003-19 (active), 17 seasons
2. San Francisco, 1983-98, 16 seasons
3. Indianapolis, 2002-10, 9 seasons
4. Dallas, 1975-81, 7 seasons

New England’s run beats San Francisco’s run in every way. Tom Brady’s team has five Super Bowls and played in three others in 17 seasons. The 49ers have won four Super Bowls but didn’t make any more. New England is 209-57 since 2003 for a regular-season winning percentage of .786. San Francisco is 191-63-1 during this period with a winning percentage of .749.

In the playoffs, New England is 27-10 since 2003 (.730), while the 49ers are 19-11 (.633). The Patriots won a Super Bowl in 2001 which is two years before the winning streak began.

New England improved their home winning streak to 18 in the regular season and 21 overall if you take the playoffs into consideration. The 21-game home winning streak isn’t the longest in NFL history, the Patriots are the only team in the history with two separate 20-plus-game-winning streaks at home.

With five games remaining of the regular season, New England has a chance to win at least 14 matches for their sixth time since 2003. Things are getting really hot in Foxboro, and the Patriots are definitely going for a big win. Let’s see if this will be a good motivation for Belichick’s team. They still need to do some work on the offense.

The Houston Texans are next on their list. That will be another big game for TB12 and Co.

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