Report: Patriots Had Discussions About Bringing Back Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is in the mix again. Well, that’s what it looks like. Brown played just one game of football this season. He played his only game wearing a Patriots uniform, and even scored a touchdown for the team. The Week 2 game against the Miami Dolphins will be long remembered, and Brown was great in the game despite all the struggles he had in his personal life.

Brown was accused of sexual assault and rape, and the NBA opened a discussion into his case. The New England Patriots decided to cut him because of all the speculation surrounding the wideout, including the threatening messages he sent to one woman. According to this, Brown wasn’t supposed to play another game this season.

Former NFL tight end Christian Fauria, a host at WEEI sports radio in Boston, believes that the defending Super Bowl champions have thought of the idea of bringing Brown back to the roster.

They have a few great reasons to think of this. New England is 9-1 at this point of the regular season, but they’d always use some help from the troubled receiver.

Will Antonio Brown come back?

Brown may be going a step forward, and he even apologized to the Patriots owner Robert Kraft for talking against him. Brown accused Kraft of double standards, mentioning his issue with the prostitution scandal. Well, it take two months for him to apologize, and some say that it was Tom Brady. Yes, sources reveal that the Patriots quarterback is actually lobbying for Brown, adding that TB12 made Brown write that tweet. We can’t really say much about this, because this information was never confirmed.

Brady didn’t have anything bad to say about his former teammate. He liked his game on the field, and was really surprised to see Brown out of the team. Brady and Brown created instant connection, and helped the team score touchdowns.

It’s nice to think that Brown may return to the team. New England needs more help with their wide receiver unit, because they have a lot of injured players. Josh Gordon is out, Mohamed Sanu was injured. Julian Edelman is also injured, and Phillip Dorsett has a concussion.

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