Report: Robert Kraft Wants Gronk To Return For Playoffs

Patriots owner Robert Kraft lost one of his best players last offseason. Rob Gronkowski decided to retire, and he needed a lot of time to make this decision. Head coach Bill Belichick pressed Gronk to make a decision, because the team had to start off their training camp. What about the playoffs?

Let’s not forget that Gronk has yet to sign his retirement papers. But, maybe this is just a procedure. Gronk is pretty sure that he doesn’t want to return this season. He was in a lot of pain, and this pain “killed” his desire to stay in the game.

Gronk retired from the NFL in March, and has until Nov. 30 to decide if he wants to return to the game that inflicted mental and physical anguish on him. Ian Rapoport from NFL Media says that the Patriots owner wants Gronk back.

When the tight end cleared out his locker last spring, Kraft told the legend that he wanted him to return for the playoffs of the 2019 season.

According to Rapoport, Kraft walked up to Gronk to say goodbye. Several sources confirmed that Kraft delivered a clear and concise message that would resonate for months.

The owner told Gronk that he wants him to come back for November, December and the playoffs stretch run. If this happens, the team would not only welcome him back but will stay hopeful that it happens.

Will he make the playoffs?

Rapoport, on a potential Gronk return, said that Kraft really hopes to see him back on the floor.

Well, try not to jump of happiness. Gronk didn’t give any indication that he’s considering a comeback.

The tight end has remained adamant that while a return is still possible, it won’t happen this season. He inked a TV deal with FOX, although he wasn’t present for the network’s NFL coverage in the past few weeks.

Tom Brady, Julian Edelman and the rest of the crew would gladly take Gronk back. They need his talent to win games, and Gronk should definitely take this into consideration. It’s a big season for everybody in New England.

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