Rob Gronkowki Surprises Army Troops For Veterans Day

The New England Patriots are busy winning games, and it looks like they will win the Super Bowl again. Unlike his former team, retired Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is busy enjoying his retirement. Oh wait, he has yet to sign his retirement papers. Gronk signed new contracts following his decision to retire, and even broadcasts games. That’s not all. The tight end decided to honor army troops for Veterans Day.

This is just a regular Gronk thing. The tight end always pays respect to the service men and women who risk their lives to defend our freedom and our rights. Gronk honors army troops in every occasion, and doesn’t forget to post pics of the great visits.

The retired tight end doesn’t forget to enjoy a sweaty workout once in a while. He doesn’t want to lose shape, and this was enough for fans to start talking about his comeback. Well, they’ve been doing this since the very first moment Gronk announced his decision to retire.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft revealed that the tight end hasn’t filed his retirement papers. This added fuel to the fire, and fans are more than convinced that he will return before the deadline. Gronk has to make a decision until Nov. 20.

According to sources, Kraft and Gronk have discussed his reinstatement. The Patriots owner told Gronk that he’d love to see him around, and yes, we’d say the same thing.

If you ask quarterback Tom Brady, he will say that the most important thing for Gronk is to do whatever makes him happy. The tight end was in a lot of pain last season, and he had to leave the game. Brady would support every move Gronk decides to make, regardless of whether it’s a comeback or an official retirement.

Gronkowski lost a lot of weight in the meantime and he doesn’t lift. We aren’t used to seeing him this skinny, but he is still strong, and Brady needs that. Let’s not forget that Gronk was his favorite tight end. It would be nice to see these two together. He will definitely boost the Patriots’ chances of winning the Super Bowl.

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