Tom Brady Addresses Alex Guerrero Saying QB Could Play Until He’s 46, 47

New England Patriots fans would love to see quarterback Tom Brady on the field for another decade. But, Brady will have to retire at some point of his professional career. If you ask his body coach and business partner Alex Guerrero, he will say that Brady could play until he is 46 or 47. The greatest of all time reacted to Guerrero’s comments.

Brady is convinced that he could play until 45. Guerrero took it a little further. He appeared on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show” and made the remarks that shocked a lot of people. Brady received his chance to address the remarks during his interview with Jim Gray on Westwood One.

TB12 feels great, and he enjoys full support of Alex. They have a really great relationship, and work together every day. Guerrero keeps Brady in great condition, and the quarterback feels good. He is 42 and still plays his best football. Brady praised his body coach for all the things he has been able to accomplish. These two can do wonders, and we have witnessed some of that. Brady told Gray that he would play as long as he can, and didn’t really provide a precise answer. According to him, it’s “easier said than done.” Brady puts in a lot of effort, but he has the privilege to play the sport he loves. A lot of players would pay money to play quarterback in the league, and Brady is paid to play. That’s what makes the whole thing even more amazing.

Alex Guerrero may be right

“I’m feeling pretty great,” Brady said, via WEEI. “I have the support of Alex and we have a great relationship and we work together a lot. He keeps me feeling good. It’s actually amazing what he’s able to do and accomplish, the two of us together. I am going to keep playing as long as I can. We’ll see how long it goes. Easier said than done. I know the kind of effort I am putting in right now, but what a great privilege to play a sport that I love. I think a lot of people would actually pay money to play quarterback in the NFL and the fact that people pay me money makes it pretty amazing.”

If Brady plays beyond this year, he’ll have to work on his contract with the Patriots. Brady is expected to become free agent in March, and he bought a new home in Fairfield County, Connecticut. This added fuel to the fire, and fans started talking about his possible retirement. It’s more than obvious that Brady isn’t interested in retirement. This man loves to play football, and we don’t think he’d retire in March. Hopefully, he stays healthy enough to win a few more Super Bowls with the Patriots. That would be awesome.

New England plays the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. Game on, Pats!

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