Tom Brady Addresses On Patriots Offense Struggles, ‘Going to try to play the best I possibly can…’

The New England Patriots are 9-1 at this point of the regular season, but quarterback Tom Brady can no longer hide his frustrations. Brady was really annoyed during the postgame press conference following the 17-10 win over the Eagles on Sunday. He got pretty mad about the Patriots offense and their inability to score points.

Head coach Bill Belichick gave his team the day off on Monday, but Brady hit the facilities at Gillette Stadium. He was accompanied by many teammates. This extra work helped Brady fix his mood, and he wasn’t really grumpy during his conversation with Jim Gray on Westwood One on Monday night.

Will the frustration end?

Brady was frustrated for his team’s inability to score points in the red zone. New England was 1-for-3 in the red zone on Sunday, and 0-for-1 in goal-to-go situations. Players didn’t take advantage of the short fields that the defense has been given them, which added more to Brady’s irritation.

The quarterback said they had to take advantage when they get opportunities in short fields. There were a few opportunities, and players didn’t use that. Brady didn’t like that at all.

When players get the ball on the 50-yard line a couple of times and never do anything with it, Brady gets really upset. Players get brilliant field position, and the defense puts them in good field position, and players didn’t take advantage of the opportunities.

“I’ve said we’ve got to take advantage when we get opportunities in short fields. We had a few of those and really didn’t, and those are the ones that probably frustrate me the most,” Brady said. “I think when you get the ball on the 50-yard line a couple of times and don’t do anything with it, those are the frustrating ones. It’s one thing when you’re backed up on your own 5-yard line all day, and we haven’t had many of those. But there are some times that we’re getting great field position, the defense is putting us in great field position, and we’re not taking advantage of our opportunities.”

Gray relayed some of the talking points in the media related to the offensive struggles. He asked Brady how he can break through all the frustrations.

Patriots offense will ignore the noise

The Patriots don’t really pay attention and ignore the noise. Well, let’s be honest, the Patriots are surrounded by a lot of noise. They play really well, and are considered the best team in the NFL. When they play bad, they are the worst team in the world. That’s pretty much everything the quarterback talked about. It’s an emotional roller coaster, but they will survive.

“Look, everyone thinks they analyze every game and they know everything that’s going on. We talk about ignoring the noise, and there’s a lot of noise,” said Brady. “When you play great, you’re the best team in the world. When you play bad, you’re the worst team in the world and you can’t beat anyone. And that’s just riding the roller coaster of emotions. We have a lot of good players on our team and we’re trying to excel. We’re trying to play at a very high level. I don’t think we’ve reached our potential yet, and I’ll be excited when we do.”

The Patriots are talented and they will do their best to win the Super Bowl again. Without Gronk, of course. Let’s see what happens by the end of the season.

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