Tom Brady Reacts To Colin Kaepernick’s Potential Return To NFL

The league is hosting a workout for quarterback Colin Kaepernick Saturday. Although many say this is actually a publicity stunt by the NFL, this is actually the best chance Kaepernick will get to return to the field. Most NFL players support Kaepernick’s potential return, and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is one of them.

The GOAT talked to Jim Gray on Westwood One on Thursday night, and used the opportunity to say it’s “pretty cool” that the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback gets a chance to prove his skills to NFL teams. Kaepernick hasn’t played a NFL game since 2016, but TB12 is more than convinced that he can overcome the gap.

According to Brady, being a pro quarterback is challenging, and spending so much time off is also a challenge. However, Brady is convinced that Colin will overcome this challenge in the same way he handled other challenges in his career. Yes, Kaepernick has always found a way to be productive, and he is mentally tough. Seeing him play another NFL game is like a dream come true.

TB12 always cheered on Kaepernick’s potential return

Brady has voiced his support for his fellow quarterback in several occasions. In a 2017 interview with CBS, Brady said he has always admired Kaepernick, adding that he hoped to see him back on the field. Well, Kaepernick got his chance. Two years later.

The league confirmed Thursday that the Patriots are one of the 11 teams that will attend Kaepernick’s private workout in the Atlanta Falcons facility.

Kaepernick is a skilled quarterback, but he isn’t expected to get a job as a full-time starter. If by any chance he earns a quarterback job, he will probable serve as a backup or a bridge player. That’s exactly what the Patriots need at this moment. Brady is 42, and Jarett Stidham can’t really jump in his place in case the GOAT suffers an injury. Kaepernick has enough experience to lead the Patriots until Stidham finishes studying head coach Bill Belichick’s playback. Is there any chance that Kaepernick becomes a Patriot? Let’s wait and see what happens in the next few weeks. Saturday is big day for Kaepernick.

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