Tom Brady Reacts To The Gronkowski Comeback Speculations

The New England Patriots have a 8-1 record in the regular season, and this gives them the best record in the AFC. The only game New England lost was the match against the Baltimore Ravens. Every Patriot plays really well, and it looks like Tom Brady and Co. will win the Super Bowl. Again. But, that’s not the hottest topic these days. It’s Rob Gronkowski’s comeback. There’s a growing speculation about Gronk’s return on the field, and it all started when Patriots owner Robert Kraft told everyone that the tight end has yet to sign his retirement papers.

Although fans keep saying that Gronk will come back, the tight end assured everyone that he doesn’t plan to come back this season. He has to heal completely before making the field again. He may return next season or the season after that.

One of the recent interviews confirm that Kraft told Gronk that he’d love to have him back in the locker room.

This speculation has been growing for at least a month. The currently retired tight end may return for the stretch run around Week 14 to give his team an extra kick heading in the playoffs. We had another source claiming that Kraft and Gronk discussed his potential reinstatement with the deadline. Is Gronk really coming back?

What does TB12 say about the comeback?

During his weekly appearance on The Greg Hill Show on Boston radio station WEEI, TB12 talked about this speculation.

Brady said he is a really good friend with Gronk, and they have been great friends for over 10 years. The quarterback couldn’t really make any comments about Gronk’s comeback. As usual. The Patriots are flooded with speculations, and Brady said he isn’t privy to these conversations. The Patriots will keep playing their best football despite the possibility to have Gronk back on the field.

“I’m really good friends with Gronk, we’ve had a great relationship for 10 years. I don’t know. Just because things are reported doesn’t mean they’re always true, just for the record. Imagine that. It’s all a lot of speculation. Those are conversations I’m not privy to. It really doesn’t matter, our team is what it is. The trade deadline passed, training camp passed, free agency is gone, the draft is gone, our team is what it is. I’m excited about who we have and the opportunity we have. To be 8-1 and have the opportunity in the second half that we do, I think anyone would take that. Hasn’t all been perfect but it’s been good enough…It’s up to us to earn it, the people that our in the locker room.”

TB12 is really excited about the opportunity his team has this season. Being 8-1 in the regular season isn’t something you underestimate, and pretty much every team would love to be as successful as New England. Brady also mentioned that they were good enough, and it’s up to the guys in the locker room to win.

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