Tom Brady Responds To Reports That Patriots Are Open To a Gronk’s Return

Rob Gronkowski has been out of the New England Patriots for eight months, and fans still talk about his return to the team. It’s more than obvious that the Patriots would gladly take their great tight end back. Of course, he has to make a decision to return. Patriots owner Robert Kraft told Gronk in March that he’d love to see him unretired in November. According to the owner, Gronk will be of great help for the Patriots in their effort to make the playoffs. When asked about this, quarterback Tom Brady gave a really interesting response.

First, he insinuated that the report may be inaccurate. Brady said he is really great friend with Gronk. They’ve been building this friendship for 10 years. TB12 said not every report is true.

However, the quarterback admitted that it was really possible that the Patriots owner left the door open for Gronkowski to return in November.

Let’s cut the story. Brady doesn’t know a thing about Gronk’s return. He noted that these are conversations he isn’t privy to.

“I am really good friends with Gronk. We have had a great relationship for 10 years,” Brady said during an interview with WEEI in Boston. “Just because things are reported doesn’t necessarily mean they are always true.

“Just for the record … I don’t know,” Brady said. “Those are conversations I am not privy to.”

Robert Kraft is more positive than Tom Brady

Kraft didn’t even try to hide the fact that he wants the tight end to return with his team. In early October, Kraft said he’s been praying and hoping that Gronk will return to the team.

The Patriots love Gronk a lot, and yes, he has yet to put sign his retirement papers.

“We all love Gronk and I think the bottom line is he hasn’t put his retirement papers in,” Kraft said. “So we can always pray and hope. … That’s a good academic argument that there is hope for us still with Gronk.”

If Gronk plans to return, his time is short. He has to make a decision, because the deadline for his comeback is the day before the Patriots’ Week 13 game. Gronk has to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to this possibility until Nov. 30. If he doesn’t make a decision, he won’t be illegible to return this season.

Is there any chance to see Gronk return with the Patriots? He said that last season was really painful for him. Gronk was in a lot of pain throughout the season, and he could no longer enjoy the game. Let’s not forget that he suffered a lot of concussions. Today, Gronk signed contracts with FOX and CBD, but there’s still hope for his return in New England.

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