Tom Brady Responds To Rob Gronkowski’s Criticism, Patriots Offensive Frustrations

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady can no longer hide his frustrations with the offense. His team is 10-1 at this point of the season, but Brady is really worried about the lack of performance by his offense.

New England played the Dallas Cowboys yesterday, and won the game. You may think that 13-9 is good enough, but Brady doesn’t share the same opinion with you. Following the win over Dallas, Brady talked about the lack of production of the Patriots’ offense. His team has now scored an average of 16.7 points per game in the past three games.

The quarterback wants his team to do as best they possibly can, and he is definitely giving his best. Every player tries to improve their skills, and everyone expects a great performance. However, the offense plays worse than expected, and Brady is far from happy.

Let’s be honest. Brady plays football for two decades, and he knows pretty much everything about the game. No, he can’t answer every question, but he has enough experience to read every situation. His teammates are trying really hard, and he is aware of that. Every Patriots has good attitude and they try to improve. Their record will improve if the offense improves. New England can do that and much more. TB12 is well aware of the fact that great things don’t happen overnight, and encouraged everyone to work harder and reach a higher level.

Logical frustrations

“I have 20 years of experience, so I feel like I have some knowledge. I don’t have all the answers, but I have been around long enough to know what it looks like,” he said on WEEI. “I think our guys are trying. We have good attitudes and we work hard. We have a very good team. Think our team will improve as we on offense improve. I think we can do that by — again, it comes down to trust, and dependability and consistency. That is what we’re trying to do. Those things just don’t magically come together. You’ve got to work at them and we’re working at them. Hopefully we can reach a higher level.”

The Patriots have the best defense in the league, and they have allowed just 10.6 points per game. However, the offense is really bad.

TB12 has completed 62.2% of his passes for 2,942 yards and 15 touchdowns with five interceptions for a passer rating 88.6. This is his lowest mark since the 2013 season, when Brady posted a mark of 87.3.

He is fine with Gronk

Retired tight end Rob Gronkowski said the constant pursuit of perfection in the team can be a grind, and Brady said that every player deals with things differently. Of course, he appreciates Gronk and his contribution to the team.

“I think everyone deals with things differently and I think that was part of having a guy like Gronk in the locker room that was so great was he approached it like he does,” Brady said on WEEI. “He always looks at the bright spots in everything. When you have great attitudes like that, it is good to have. He was a great player for us for a long time.

“We have different challenges that we face, and for me personally, I don’t have one emotion after every game. There’s probably five or 10. The moment you catch me is how I will feel at a particular time and sometimes it takes time to digest things and deal with things. Hopefully we can process those by the time the preparation for the next week starts.”

The Patriots are playing the Houston Texans on Sunday. Another tough game for the defending champions.

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