Tom Brady Shares Epic Quote From ‘Adult Yoda’ In Latest Tweet Amid ‘Baby Yoda’ Craze

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wasn’t happy with the win over the Philadelphia Eagles. His team won, but Brady wanted more than a 17-10 win. He wanted the offense to score more points. Well, it looks like the greatest of all time is in a better mood. The GOAT took to his Twitter account to deliver a message. He was inspired by Adult Yoda.

The photo features Brady throwing on the practice field.

Do or do not. There is no try. – Adult Yoda.”

This caption is pretty hilarious because it comes amid the Baby Yoda craze. The internet is on fire, and fans really like the release of the new Star Wars series “The Mandalorian” on Disney+.

If you ask Brady, he is more interested in an older, wiser Yoda. Sort of.

Brady was really frustrated following the win in Philadelphia. The only touchdown pass came from wideout Julian Edelman, and Phillip Dorsett converted it into points. There’s a huge problem with the Patriots offense, and head coach Bill Belichick is working on a solution. New England’s offense isn’t the worst in the NFL, but players can’t score. The end zone production is low, and Brady doesn’t like that at all.

Adult Yoda for the win

TB12 has already addressed the issues his offense has. Unlike the offense, New England’s defense is really strong. Most NFL analysts agree that New England has the strongest defense in the league. They will need the best of this defense for the second half of the season. According to Brady, their chances to play the Super Bowl depend on the next few games.

Head coach Belichick wasn’t disappointed after the win. He recognized the struggles, but praised the team effort his team made to win the game. They tried really hard, but the Eagles aren’t an easy opponent. It’s a win after all. Belichick almost always criticizes his team, but this time he was mild.

New England plays the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday at Gillette Stadium. It’s a big game for Brady, and hopefully, it will end up with a big win. The offense should take that into consideration. Game on, Pats!

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