Tom Brady Shares Lovely Photo Of Son Benjamin Spending Time With Mother Gisele

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his team has won nine games so far, and they are off to winning the next few games and eventually the Super Bowl. Although Brady is super busy throughout the regular NFL season, he still has plenty of time for his family. That’s how he recharges his batteries and gets ready for the next challenge. Let’s not forget that the quarterback skipped the OTAs in order to spend more time with his wife and kids. Brady may love the game, but he loves Gisele, Benjamin, Jack, and Vivi even more.

For most NFL fans, Brady is the greatest of all time. We’d say he’s much more than that. Brady is a caring dad and husband. He always posts photos and videos of Gisele and the kids. Oh, and let’s not forget that he never parties with the team following a big win. That’s just Brady.

This time the GOAT posted a photo to his Instagram story. It features his supermodel wife and Benjamin. According to this pic, Benjamin could get whatever he wants from his mom. That’s how moms work.

Well, if you ask Gisele, she’d say that Brady is the one who lets the kids get away with anything. This applies mostly to Vivian, because she stole Brady’s heart at the very same moment she was born. She has a very special place in his heart, and Brady always tries to make her dreams come true.

Jack, Benjamin and Vivi make the perfect trio

The kids are used to the fact that Tom Brady is their dad, and they work perfectly. Being raised by the GOAT is so cool, and they sure have something to brag about. Brady’s family enjoys watching him play, and the kids may follow his footsteps one day. When it comes to Super Bowl games, every member of the Brady-Bundchen clan arrives at the stadium. You can’t miss a Super Bowl if your dad has the lead role, right?

Brady will keep doing his thing on the field for a few more seasons, and he is playing his best football at the moment. The Patriots have a good chance to win this Super Bowl.

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