Warriors Deny Rumors Claiming Curry Won’t Play This Season

Warriors have a terrible season. There’s almost zero chance for us to see them in the playoffs. Too many injuries and even more rumors. The last one includes Steph Curry and his role with the team in 2019.

Bleacher Report reported that the star point guard won’t play again this season due to his broken hand. That was the initial report. The initial report suggested that Curry would be sidelined for at least three months. And now we have this report suggesting that Curry won’t return to the floor this season.

The Golden State released a statement, and this statement denies every single rumor about Curry’s condition and his return.

Curry will be re-evaluated in three months, and that’s when we’ll know more about his condition. At the moment, there’s no reason for us to believe that he won’t return this season.

Warriors shut down rumor

The superstar had a surgery on his hand last week, and he is expected to be re-evaluated in three months. NBA reporter Ric Bucher reported that the fracture is worse than we thought.

Yes, there’s a possibility for Curry to miss the rest of his season because the Warriors are at the bottom of the Western Conference. Bringing him back in this situation would be terrible, and maybe the Warriors should accept the idea of resting Curry in 2019.

We bet the Warriors didn’t even think of going through such scenario. They lost Kevin Durant, and he signed with the Brooklyn Nets. Klay Thompson injured his ACL in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, and the Warriors confirmed that he won’t return this season. Curry’s fracture was the last disaster.

The Warriors tried to win a title last season, and almost succeeded in doing so. Well, this year things took a different route. They are far from making the playoffs, and the title isn’t even on their menu. Let’s see what happens by the end of the season. It’s a tough blow for the tea that once ruled the floor. Well, without Durant, Thompson and Curry, the Warriors can’t make a step forward. They are stuck in the middle of their lost season.

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