Watch: Patriots’ Ted Karras Makes Cameo In ‘The Office! A Musical Parody’

The New England Patriots are 8-1 at this point of the regular season, and they are off to winning their next game. New England plays the Philadelphia Eagles in their Week 11 game, and they will try to prove everyone wrong. NFL fans have started talking that this is the end of the Patriots dynasty. Wonder why? Because Tom Brady and his team lost just one game. One out of nine. But, we know that haters will always talk bad against the team. Well, some Patriots aren’t really bothered with this criticism. Ted Karras is one of them. He had plenty of time, and decided to have some time.

Karrass has assumed the center role this season. David Andrews will miss the entire season due to his condition. Being a key player didn’t really affect Karras’ mood, and he decided to make his debut on stage at the Boston Center for the Arts’ Calderwood Pavilion during a showing of “The Office! A Musical Parody.”

Karras talked to WBZ’s Steve Burton, and told him that he isn’t over it, adding that this is a rush from the theater. The Patriot added that this is a different kind of nervous. They did a really good job, and the cast was packed with talent. It was an excellent experience for Karras. Everyone was super talented.

We have a behind the scenes video, and Karras’ cameo sure made our day.

Ted Karras better be ready for Philadelphia

Karras and his team are taking on the Eagles in Philadelphia on Sunday at 4:25 p.m. ET.

This will be an important game for everyone. The Patriots are often criticize, and Tom Brady is a target too. Doubters say he is too old, and they can’t wait for him to make a mistake. But, Brady doesn’t really make mistakes. Except for his interceptions in the game against the Ravens. Hopefully he won’t make the same mistakes again. The same applies to Julian Edelman. No fumbles!

Karras and his team need to be well prepared for the upcoming game. It’s a long season, and the second half is more important than the first games of the season. Let’s see if the Patriots have learned their lesson.

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