Watch: Tom Brady Throws 10-Yards Firebomb To N’Keal Harry

The New England Patriots are playing the Dallas Cowboys, and Tom Brady is on the move. The Patriots quarterback is ready to show everyone that his team is the best in the NFL. He did that with the help of rookie receiver N’Keal Harry.

A blocked punt by Matthew Slater set up Harry’s first career touchdown catch. It was a brilliant catch. Harry elevated to haul a 10-yard firebomb from Brady around cornerback Byron Jones. He could get both feet down in the end zone. This was brilliant, and Brady will finally stop hating his rookies. Well, that’s what people say. We didn’t made it up.

Gilmore dominates the highly anticipated game thus far. New England took over Dallas’ 26-yard line, but weren’t able to move the ball. Receiver Julian Edelman had a pass go through his hands on third-and7, and the Patriots settled for a 44-yard field goal by Nick Folk.

This is an important game for New England. The second half of the regular season will determine their chances to play the Super Bowl. New England has a tough schedule, and the Cowboys are definitely a tough opponent. So tough that some NFL experts say that they will win the game.

Of course, nobody can beat the experience Bill Belichick has. The Patriots head coach knows pretty much anything about the game, and he will never miss a chance to show off. Well, Belichick isn’t the type of a guy who shows off, but his impressive coaching skills have helped the team win games. Belichick is the GOAT of all coaches, and he is better than any other coach in the league.

Will the Patriots earn their tenth win? The only game they lost was the one against the Baltimore Ravens. The Dallas Cowboys are as tough as the Ravens, and Brady will have hard time leading the team to a win. Dallas has an excellent defense, and the Patriots’ offense is terrible. It’s a terrible combination, but we do believe that Belichick has a solution to that one. The Patriots nation can’t wait to celebrate another win. Game on!

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