WR Mohamed Sanu Pays Respect To Young Son On Back Of Pats Jersey

The New England Patriots acquired veteran receiver Mohamed Sanu, and reports confirm that quarterback Tom Brady pushed for his signing. Sanu arrived at the right time, and even scored his first touchdown. But, he did something else to pay respect to his young son. The receiver switched his jersey number from No. 12 to 14 when he arrived in town last month. However, he didn’t change the letters above the number.

Since 2016, first with the Atlanta Falcons and now with New England, the receiver has worn the name “Sanu Sr.” on is game jersey. Sanu actually honors his 4-year-old son, Mohamed Jr.

Wonder why? Because he’s a human, too. That’s what the receiver said after Wednesday’s Patriots practice. The boy is a person, too. The father said so. He isn’t the only one with that name, and he has to respect the kid. According to Sanu, it’s a respect thing, and he isn’t the only one to be named that way. Sanu is the first, but he isn’t the only one.

Mohamed Jr. was born in August 2015, right before the start of his father’s fourth and last season with the Cincinnati Bengals. Sanu wanted to add “Sr.” to his jersey, but he wasn’t allowed to do that until he signed with Atlanta the next season.

Sanu explained that he wasn’t allowed the first year. He was allowed when he went to Atlanta.

The veteran tied a career-high with 10 catches on 14 targets for81 yards and a touchdown in the 37-20 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Robert Giffin III is the first NFL player to wear a suffix on the nameplate in his debut for the Washington Redskins in 2012. This practice became a trend. In the past four weeks, the Patriots played against Odell Beckham Jr., Mark Ingram II, Earl Thomas III, Golden Tate III and Willie Snead IV. They will also play Will Fuller V when they play the Houston Texans in December.

This list features three Patriots: Sanu, defensive end Deatrich Wise Jr. and wide receiver Phillip Dorsett II, who changed from the standard Dorsett this season.

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