Bill Belichick’s First Press Conference Since Patriots Cheating Scandal

The New England Patriots are under investigation for their involvement in the Scoutgate scandal. The Cincinnati Bengals were worried about the member of the Patriots production who was spotted in the press box in Cleveland, recording the game between their team and the Browns. New England’s cameraman was wearing a Patriots shirt, and the Bengals started panicking. Is Bill Belichick accused of videotaping another sideline? The head coach had a press conference Thursday morning, and media members expected to hear more about the hottest topic these days.

In his initial statement about the incident, coach Belichick said his players have nothing to do with the production department of the franchise. His players only watch the material that’s released on TV. Belichick is more than positive that the team didn’t break any rules this time.

Belichick isn’t involved in the cheating game

New England has already been involved in similar scandals. We had Deflategate and Spygate. Haters were waiting for a mistake, and it looks like they finally got a chance to slap the Patriots again. But, according to the head coach and Patriots owner Robert Kraft, the team didn’t do anything to violate the NFL’s rules.

Things are getting really hot in Foxboro, and the Patriots are under investigation. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league will take into consideration the history of the team, but he is more focused on the actual incident.

Kraft didn’t really provide much information about his meeting with the NFL. Did he meet with Goodell? Were they discussing the problem? Goodell has yet to make a decision on the Patriots and the videotaping scandal. The Patriots owner said that everyone knows what they need to know. That’s all.

New England has three games left of the regular season. Cincinnati is next on their list, and that’s the last road game for the season. The Patriots will finish the season with two home games. The tough stretch of the season is over, and the remaining three games are a piece of cake for the Patriots. Let’s see what happens with the investigation first. Will the Patriots be fined again? They may lose another first-round pick. That’s exactly what happened in 2008.

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