Famous Designer Shows How LeBron Would Look With No Hair

Lakers superstar LeBron James is the best basketball player to ever hit the floor. He is known for his dunks and his power to turn any player into a champion. LeBron has won titles with every team he has played on, and the best is yet to come. He is part of the Los Angeles Lakers now, and we all know what that means. Although LeBron is the GOAT, some people still criticize him and opt for Kawhi Leonard or Giannis Antetokounmpo. These are the people who actually criticize his physical appearance. Yes, we are referring to his hair.

LeBron has done so much to win everyone’s hearts. He is winning games, but he can’t win the battle with his hairline. It keeps fading every year. The King’s mane is gone.

King James has tried so many things to boost his hair growth, and some say he has done a procedure to bring his hairline back. However, nothing works, and some fans encourage the king to give up on his hair and go bald. These people tell him to embrace his baldness. Noah Lie-Nielsen, a designer, showed a photo of how LeBron would look if he decides to shave his head and go bald.

It’s pretty awkward, right? We aren’t used to seeing LeBron with this haircut, but that may be the only solution he has at the moment. He will have to do it at some point in his life. No treatment will ever bring his thick hair back, and he should get over it. That’s what some fans say.

The Lakers’ last superstar was bald, too. This will sure give LeBron a motivation to make a decision. Lakers fans compare him to Kobe Bryant, and seeing him bald would be a pleasant surprise for Bryant’s fans.

The Lakers are having an incredible season, and they have a real chance to win the title this season. They are in the middle of a losing streak, but LeBron will recover from his injury and he will help Anthony Davis score more points. The Lakers will win this championship. That’s a sure bet.

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