Here’s Who Jay Glazer Thinks Will Be Belichick’s Patriots Successor

Josh McDaniels gave up on the idea of becoming head coach for the Indianapolis Colts. This decision triggered an avalanche of reactions, and most pundits said that McDaniels would replace head coach Bill Belichick. Have they changed their opinion? The Athletic’s Jay Glazer had something to say about this.

According to him, McDaniels has better chances than linebackers coach Jerod Mayo or safeties coach Steve Belichick. One reader asked Glazer a question about McDaniels’ chances, and he said that McDaniels is still a favorite for the position.

McDaniels had a brief head coaching tenure with the Denver Broncos in 2008 and 2009 before eventually making a comeback to New England. He was announced as the Colts’ new head coach shortly after New England’s Super Bowl LII loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in February 2018. McDaniels withdrew from the position to keep working with Belichick’s coaching staff, though, and it’s more than obvious that he will stay around for the foreseeable future.

He will still be in the talks about the head coaching position. New England has always had strong coaches, and Belichick is doing an amazing job with the team. Of course, this may change in case McDaniels gets an offer from another great team, like the Dallas Cowboys.

Is Jay Glazer right?

“I think it’s McDaniels, I think that was the plan. When he jolted the Colts, that was the plan to stay there in New England.

“I’ll tell you what though, to follow Bill Belichick, that’s got to be the worst gig ever. Players are going to question you, “Bill did it this way” or “Bill did it that way”. Even when Bill was a defensive coordinator with the Jets, he left there and players were saying that. Mike Nolan was the guy who replaced him and I remember players pushing back and not giving him a chance at first. That’s probably one of the worst jobs you could ever have, replacing Bill Belichick. To have to carry that torch??? Thanks but no thanks.”

But, he is focused on the team’s efforts to win the Super Bowl this season. The Patriots lost the games to the Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens. Tom Brady struggles with the offense, and he can no longer hide his opinion about the team. The Kansas City Chiefs are next on their list, and hopefully, the Patriots will win this game. They need this win more than anything. The Pats can no longer feed haters. Max Kellerman keeps trashing Brady just because the offense can’t get more points per game. Brady plays his best football, and doubters still say that he isn’t an elite player.

New England better finish the season with a win. That will be enough for most haters to stop talking about the quarterback and his team. Let’s see what happens in the next few weeks. Will Brady win his seventh ring?

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