Kevin Youkilis Destroys Max Kellerman After His Latest Tom Brady Take

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was targeted once again, and Max Kellerman won’t stop trashing the GOAT. He forgets that Brady is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. Stephen A. Smith is here to teach him a lesson, and Kevin Youkilis said a word or two.

Kellerman always celebrates Brady’s losses. He can’t wait for the New England Patriots to make a mistake. Yes, the defending Super Bowl champions made a few mistakes this season, and Kellerman couldn’t hide his excitement. According to his co-host, Smith, Kellerman is just being cruel. We know that Brady is 42, and that his performance isn’t as bright as it used to be in his primetime. But, Kellerman took the matter in the wrong direction, and kept pushing his ‘cliff’ take. He even said that Brady is no longer elite.

Youkilis took to Twitter to share his opinion. His reaction to Kellerman’s criticism is hilarious. He said that Kellerman has always been craving attention, adding that every time he “talks smack” about the Patriots quarterback good things happen. That’s absolutely true.

Youkilis went after a commenter who supported Kellerman’s theory. The Patriots have won six Super Bowls in the Brady-Belichick era, and their current record is 10-2.

Kevin Youkilis is family

If by any chance you didn’t know, Youkilis is the husband of Brady’s sister. They share a big family connection, and he really respects Brady. Family business has nothing to do with the fact that Youkilis is saying what every NFL player says. Kellerman hates Brady and the Patriots, and he is definitely looking for attention. You can tell that by the way he slams Brady after every win or loss. He doesn’t say a word of praise for the quarterback, and only uses his media coverage to destroy TB12. That won’t be easy, because Brady is the best quarterback in the league.

His numbers may not be too high this season, but he plays his best football. The only problem New England has at the moment is the receiver unit. They have made so many changes, and the team can’t follow that. Let’s hope that Bill Belichick will find a solution.

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