Mic’d Up Video Shows What Tom Brady Said To Patriots Receivers On Sideline

The New England Patriots didn’t have luck against the Houston Texans. The 28-22 loss was really bad, and quarterback Tom Brady was really upset. At one point, NBC cameras caught him talking to his wide receivers, and some say he was a bit too harsh. Until Tuesday night, we could only read Brady’s lips to determine what he had to say to his receiving unit.

New England shared a “Sights and sounds” video from the game, and it features a few interesting moments, including Brady’s sideline speech.

“Come on, let’s go grind this out,” he says on the sidelines. “It ain’t gonna be easy. It’s gonna be all man coverage. We’re gonna be wide open.”

That’s pretty much everything we know about Brady’s discussion with his receivers. The rest is wrapped in mystery.

If you ask Brady, this doesn’t mean that his team is bad. They are 10-2 at this point in the regular season, and that’s the only thing that matters. When it comes to his sideline conversation, Brady admitted that he does that during practice, too. It’s like constructive criticism, right?

Receivers need to step up their game

Brady, his teammates, and the coaching staff admit that the Patriots offense needs to step up the game and win the remaining games of the regular season. They can no longer repeat the same mistakes. Brady knows that his teammates try really hard to win games, but sometimes it doesn’t work. TB12 also knows that the bar is set really high for his team. Well, it has always been like this.

How will Belichick sort things out? He is the best coach in the NFL, and he probably has a solution to the current situation. But, it’s not up to him. He can’t control players. He can’t control opponents.

New England now owns the second place in the AFC with the Week 13 loss. The team will try to fix the damage and win the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes is coming to Foxboro. This will be a huge challenge for the Patriots, and they better give their best on the field. It’s an important game for Brady. He has to prove everyone wrong.

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