Michael Irvin Sends Impassioned Message To Tom Brady

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been dealing with a lot of problems lately. TB12 wasn’t really happy with the receiving unit and its performance in Week 13. The Patriots lost the game to the Houston Texans, and Brady had a nice conversation with his receivers at the sideline. He urged them to step up their game. Michael Irvin has something to say about this.

According to Irvin, Brady needs to switch the focus. He needs to use this frustration to make something better. Brady needs to redirect his frustration, and Irving even said that the quarterback deserves some of the blame for the offensive struggles.

The Hall of Fame wide receiver said that Brady needs to hold himself more accountable as the Patriots try to regain control in the NFL.

Irvin says that the only thing Brady needs to do is throw the ball. He doesn’t have to be 100% sure about that. He doesn’t need to trust his receivers. The wide receiver said that Brady’s receivers were open, adding that TB12 can’t do too much thinking in the middle of a game. He has to throw. He has to tell himself that he can do better than that.

Irvin also encouraged Brady to have a mirror and talk to himself about getting on the practice field and hitting an open player. We don’t need more excuses. We need execution. Irvin really hopes to see more of Brady. He says that the Patriots will win the Super Bowl with the help of the defense and special teams because Tom Brady isn’t the Tom Brady we’re used to see.

“Those guys were open. I mean, what do you have to trust? Just throw the ball. Throw the ball,” Irvin said Sunday on NFL Network’s “NFL GameDay Morning.” “Those guys are open. He’s not practicing. Why is he coming over and yelling at somebody else? I need him to have a mirror on the sideline. When he misses a throw, come look at the mirror and say, ‘C’mon Tom! You gotta make a better throw than that!’ I’m sick and tired of you getting on these receivers. Looking right in the camera, telling the receivers, ‘Move quicker. Be faster.’ He doesn’t even know what quick and fast is.

“I need him to have a mirror and talk to Tom Brady about getting on the practice field and making sure he hits the open man so we can stop always making excuses because we’ve seen such greatness out of Tom Brady. Hopefully we’ll see more greatness out of Tom Brady, but maybe we should be prepared that if they’re going to get to the Super Bowl, they will win this with defense and special teams because Tom Brady — elbow, age, missing plays, whatever — is not the same Tom Brady that he’s been in his whole career.”

Brady was limited in practice, and this hasn’t helped him get on the same page with his receivers. Of course, the group tries to play their best game. They need to try harder though.

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