Mohamed Sanu Gives Huge Praise For Edelman’s Toughness After Suffering Injury

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is 33, and he is having the best season in his professional career. Let’s not forget that Edelman has been playing through an injury for a few months. That’s something you praise.

The veteran was first added to the New England Patriots’ injury report after being hit during the team’s Week 3 win over the New York Jets. It was a nasty chest injury, but it didn’t stop Edelman for playing his usual game. Edelman saw action in every game of the regular season, and he suffered another injury. It’s a shoulder injury that put his name on the injury report.

The receiver missed his first practice on Dec. 11. He said out the first session of the week for “load management purposes” after suffering a knee injury during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Praise well earned

Veteran receiver Mohamed Sanu became a Patriot following a midseason trade, and he has words of praise for his fellow wide receiver.

According to Sanu, Edelman is tough, and goes out there every day. He may be in pain, but never misses a chance to see action. Sometimes coaches tell him to rest, he still goes on the field. That’s what attracted Sanu’s attention. The veteran likes to compete with Edelman.

Edelman is the best pass-catcher for the regular season. He stacked 90 receptions for 1,010 yards and six touchdowns in 13 games. He is on a good way to surpass his career highs in all three categories.

Running back James White (62-539-3) is the only teammate who has come close to matching these numbers on the season. Phillip Dorsett is the next-most productive receiver. He has 29 catches for 347 yards.

“You can see how tough he is in his play,” Sanu said. “They don’t call him Squirrel for nothing. He’s a bad man.”

Losing Edelman to an injury would be a terrible scenario for the Patriots’ offense. Since the Patriots’ Week 10 bye, he has more catches and receiving yards than the rest of the Patriots’ receiving corps combined (25 for 281).

Sanu also said that he and his fellow wide receivers will be able to carry the load if asked.

New England is playing the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, and they will enter the contest with a big problem on their back. The NFL has initiated an investigation into the videotaping scandal. New England sent a film crew to Cleveland to record the game between the Browns and Cincinnati. The Bengals didn’t like this at all.

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